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Greenland Legacy

Generations of Serving the Nebraska Communities

Greenland Construction is an authorized Chief Dealer with a legacy that goes as far back as 1974. Pioneers in the agricultural storage industry, Dennis and Karmen Greenland have built their business by providing great products and even better customer service. Over the years, it has expanded from bin storage to agricultural machine shops, high end ag facilities, to fire halls, and a diverse range of commercial buildings. 


As a company, it is expanding within both the team and the projects it has completed. Focusing on diversified services with unvarying quality it continues to meet the regions’ needs for economic vitality. 

Reputation for Excellence in Commercial and Agricultural Buildings

From the initial site review to developing your custom storage plan to final completion of the project, Greenland Construction, an established Chief dealer and contractor team, is with you every step of the way, committed to supporting you and your operation’s growth. As you continue to grow, Greenland grows with you.


We have built a wide range of commercial and ag buildings in the area. From machine storage and shops to fire halls and municipal buildings we can cover it all. Each project is customizable to meet your needs.



Partnership of the Project

What makes Greenland Construction  different from the competition is rooted in our ground floor beginnings, our commitment to project transparency, our focus of integrity, our dedication to quality, and our perseverance to complete on time.

Our legacy for quality, efficiency and integrity

We strive to partner with you to make your next dream project a reality. We have had a legacy for quality, efficiency and integrity.

Quality our team prioritizing the need that the standard of the build is to the highest level of degree of excellence to endure the years, the weather, and any expansion needed.

Efficiency our team’s ability to navigate all variables of construction to ensure it moves, adapts, and each stage reaches completion.

Integrity our team’s focus on transparency, honesty, ethics, and safety correctness. We will not compromise to ensure we bring best forth to you our customer.

Continuing Legacy

Dennis & Karmen Greenland

Greenland Construction is a family-owned business that has served Arcadia, NE, and surrounding communities since 1979. Dennis and Karmen have built their business by providing great products and even better customer service.

Dennis and Karmen started working for the area chief dealer in 1977 and poured bin pads for 2 years for him. In 1979 Dennis and Karmen bought the Chief Dealership and started their business with two employees; Dennis’s father, Marvin, and Dennis' sister, Kristie. They worked hard and did everything by hand. The only piece of equipment they owned was an old tractor. They added to the family, 3 daughters who worked by their side learning how to pour concrete and put up metal buildings. Dennis and Karmen slowly added more equipment and employees throughout the years and built a business that has helped many Ag families in the area have the bins and buildings to help their operations thrive. Dennis and Karmen are proud to be a part of the Ag community and feel blessed to have the connections, relationships, watching new generations follow in their families’ footsteps in the Ag community. 

Dennis and Karmen Greenland sold the company in 2019 to their Son-in-Law and Daughter, Andy and Sheila Meyer who strive to continue the legacy of a family owned business in the heart of the MidWest.

Loving Couple
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